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French Bulldog Colors

The breed Standard was accepted by AKC in 1911 for the standard color of a French Bullldog. Acceptable Colors are: brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white, cream, white and fawn(piebald). You can also have a brindle and white piebald and a fawn and white piebald. The following colors are listed as disqualifications: solid black, mouse, liver "blue", black and tan, black and white (with no trace of brindle), and white with black. A dog with too much "ticking" can also be disqualified. These french bulldogs still make nice pets but they just can not be shown.


French Bulldog coat & grooming

Short and Smooth. They are typically not big "shedders" although diet and climate play a part in this also. Some can get a winter coat that they will shed. Some do shed more than others. This you don't know until they are grown. Bathing and brushing aid in less shedding also.

Frenchies typically need bathed twice a month and brushed weekly.  They need there wrinkles cleaned and dried. Always use hypoallergenic wipes and soaps. They also need there nails trimeed which is very easy is done consistenly from puppies.


Standard size

The AKC Standard says they should be 18-28 pounds. In general males are bigger than females. However, there is no such thing as a mini or toy frenchie. The standard size is what it is. They can be smaller and bigger but if so they are not in standard. However, they still make amazing pets.


Temperament of the French Bulldog

The AKC Standard states the temperament of the frenchie should be: Well behaved, adaptable, and comfortable companions with an affectionate 
nature and even disposition; generally active, alert, and playful, but not unduly boisterous.  They are friendly and funny and get a lot of attention when in public.  

Frenchies like to be the "center of attention". The same as other breeds and even people there temperaments are unique to themselves however, over all they are a happy fun loving breed. Some are more active than others and some are more cuddly than others. However, they are all happy most of the time.

Frenchies "bark" can sound like something you have never heard before lol They can screech, yell, and makes strange noises. Some are more vocal than others but they are not a yappy breed.

They are a very smart breed. They are best if trained with positive reinforcement. They can be hard headed or stubborn but my favorite saying with any breed is "CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" 

French Bulldogs can be good with children, cats, and other dogs if raised with them and/or introduced properly. All dogs are different just like people. :) All dogs make better pets when speyed or neutered. Over All the Frenchie is just a likeable, make you laugh, affectionate, beautiful pet.


Home and Activities

French bulldogs typically can live in any home, apartment, condo etc.... They adapt very well and are pretty much happy with a comfy bed, some toys, and some love. They however, can not handle heat so A/C is a must and they shouldnt be out when it is too hot. They do enjoy walks on cool days and enjoy any time spent with there owner. French Bulldogs are very easy and are a great joy to be with.

NOTE: Frenchies are not good swimmers and should never be left unattended near water.



Overall the French Bulldog is a very healthy breed. There live expectancy is 10-14 years. However, all are different. Since they are a Brachycephalic Breed "Flat Faced" they can have a few health problems. Since they have the short faces there airway is a little restricted hence why they CAN NOT get too hot because they can not breathe. Like all breeds there are things that can be but the French Bulldog is over all a very healthy breed and just needs an owner to Love.