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Welcome to the internet home of Empire French Bulldogs. Please take the time to read this page in it's entirety, we hope you will learn a little something about us and our ethics, and why we have made a commitment to showing and raising the finest French Bulldogs and French Bulldog Puppies available.  We are a small French Bulldog Breeder located in Texas located only a short distance from Houston, Texas. We first fell in love with the French bulldog while searching the internet for English Bulldogs. In viewing tons of pictures of them and reading tons of articles and information. I just fell in love with their flat faces and boisterous personality. While we love the Frenchies, we only have a few French Bulldogs so that every dog gets the time, care and attention they need and deserve. French Bulldog puppies in Texas

As I always say “Quality NOT Quantity” We are active in showing AKC, and occasionally attend ICE shows, FCI shows in Europe, and IABCA International Shows.  Most of our dogs are Champions, have Champion Parents and their pedigrees are full of Champions.  Our Frenchies are all shown and are Champions or on their way to becoming Champion French Bulldogs.  

In every breeding we at Empire French Bulldogs selectively choose the best Male French Bulldog and the Best Female French Bulldog to produce the best French bulldog puppies that will have great temperament, great conformation, and great health. Creating a purebred dog is an art and should not be taken lightly. These french bulldog babies are a living breathing creature that will most likely be here for 10 years or more.  Therefore, we try our best to make sure that each puppy’s lifetime is as wonderful as possible. This is why we do NOT breed dogs with health defects or bad attitudes and temperaments.  We want our babies to be perfect family companions that will bring their lifetime’s joy and happiness to those that love them. We strive to produce French Bulldog Puppies who possess Beauty and Health.  YES it is possible to have both, and we believe it is imperative.  We do live in Texas, however, we are available to either ship your puppy anywhere you would like or we have carriers or myself that will fly your puppy right on their lap and deliver it to you.  Occasionally we also import French Bulldogs and French Bulldog Puppies from Europe. We very strategically select French Bulldogs from Europe because here at Empire French Bulldogs "Only the Best will Do" All French Bulldog Puppies are whelped and raised in our home. This is to ensure that each and every puppy gets the attention they need and are properly socialized and ready to go on to there forever home.

The French Bulldog is a jolly and happy dog who lives to make you happy.  The Frenchie is very low maintenance and can live in any home as long as it is a great home. They are great with other dogs, children, etc…. We at Empire French Bulldogs Believe frenchies are like potato chips “You cannot have just one”  The Frenchie is often referred to a “clown” because they are a happy dog who strives to entertain you and make you happy. The French bulldog is amazing for any home or apartment so long as they are kept cool and are loved immensely.  I can’t tell you in words how much joy a French Bulldog Puppy (or two) will bring to your life.

French Bulldog Male Puppy We strive to produce Winners with great health, beauty and temperament.  With their Smashed face, bat ears and cobby, beautiful bodies they are sure to make anyone happy. French Bulldogs are small enough to go anywhere but as courageous as a big dog.

Our French Bulldogs live and are raised in our home. They are loved very much and all french bulldog puppies are pre spoiled before going to your home.  We are sure we have the right French Bulldog puppy for sale for YOU!!! Thanks for taking the time read all out what we do and our love for the Frenchie! 

We strive to produce the exceptional french bulldog. If you are looking for a french bulldog in Texas, a french bulldog puppy in Texas, or an adult male or female french bulldog, look No further we have the puppy you are looking for. While we pride ourselves on having amazing cream french bulldog puppies we also occationaly have fawn and brindle. We currently have Mojo, our Fawn Pied French bulldog puppy male. We will grow him up showing him and see how he turns out. We also currently have a french bulldog puppy female bred by us here at Empire French Bulldogs. We hacve super high hopes for this little girl. She is extremely beautiful with an amazing personality. We also have a super male puppy bred by us. We cal him Cooper but his name is Empire's Bandog the Real MVP